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The school garden

Benefits of a school garden

Some luminous green beans - do you think these are a bit TOO green ;) Many schools already have a garden, if not you could develop one easily and these pages show you how! A garden is a fantastic way to learn about a whole range of issues to do with soils and the environment, as well as bringing many other benefits.

  • the garden can be used to find out about the importance of soil and its magical properties

  • you can learn about the relationship between soil, plants and humans

  • the garden can help you develop an understanding of the needs of our damaged planet

  • a garden needs continuing care and maintenance, another useful lesson to learn

  • you can learn the pleasures of growing both food and plants: something which could provide a life-long hobby

Spring onions Having a school garden can really be a rewarding learning experience. You will certainly learn about soil! These pages tell you more about how a school garden can be planned and looked after, as well as the learning points you can draw from it. If you have a home garden, then this is good for that too. Happy gardening!