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Say cheese! Download some of the great Soil-Net images in the photo library Would you like to access and download free photographic images and illustrations about the soil-related and environmental subjects covered in this website for your own projects? If so visit the Soil-Net Photo Library. There are over 2,700 images, illustrations and photos here for you to use as a class resource.

Images are categorised into the following groupings: Animals; Culture_Archaeology; Equipment; Farming; Figures; Fungi; Infrastructure; Lichen_Moss_Algae; People; Places_Objects; Plants; Soil-Net; Soils_Rocks; Sports_Leisure; and Water.

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These images are made available, Copyright Cranfield University (except where indicated otherwise), for schools educational use for teachers, students, parents and guardians at no cost. We would appreciate accreditation to Soil-Net.com in any use you might make of these resources to encourage more visitors to this site - a suggested citation is

Visit the Soil-Net Photo Album at http://www.soil-net.com/album If you are interested in obtaining the high-resolution versions of any of these images, or for queries relating to their commercial usage, please contact us at the following address:

Soil-Net Project Office
National Soil Resources Centre (NSRI)
Building 52a Floor 1, Front office,
Cranfield University
MK43 0AL, UK
Fax: +44 (0) 1234 752970

If you would like access to more scientifically-structured soil and landscape photographs, please also see the SoilPIC collection being developed by Cranfield University's 'World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue' (WOSSAC) project.