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What else?

What can you do? Read on and find out!

Hopefully you've enjoyed using Soil-Net and learning about soil - but now what? There are a range of activites, hobbies and pastimes which can involve developing your environmental and soils understanding. Some of these are shown below. Let us know about other ones we've missed!

There are also many jobs and careers which involve managing the environment and a selection of these are also given. Also provided is advice on how to find out more detailed information about the soils were you live (only England and Wales data is currently available).

Lastly a glossary of terms helps you understand many of the terms used in this site.

Soil hobbies and activities
Soil careers
Soil datasets and reports
Glossary and Definitions

And now, a quote from the Immortal Bard himself!

Then, England's ground, farewell; sweet soil, adieu. King Richard II: I, iii