Young Eco-Lifestyle Quiz - Background

The Eco-Lifestyle Quiz builds on themes identified by Best Foot Forward, such as their work on ‘ecological footprint’ and ‘earthshare’, and many of the quality of lifestyle indicators presented by the Environment Agency (See as well as the concept of a ‘sustainable lifestyle’. The Eco-Lifestyle Quiz does not measure your ecological impacts or whether your lifestyle is sustainable but instead offers a quick and easy but not conclusive assessment of how eco-friendly your lifestyle is.


Dr Sally Caird Research Fellow in the Open University, UK. Faculty of Technology, Department of Design and Innovation. Sally Caird developed the Eco-Lifestyle Quiz and text for the BBC Coast website following the development of the Young Eco-lifestyle Quiz, first trialled in the Firs Lower School, Ampthill, UK. In addition she is conducting research on the adoption and effective use of energy-efficient products and systems with a view to developing more people-centred eco-design.
Dr Stephen Hallett Researcher in Cranfield University, UK. National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI). Stephen Hallett is a co-author of the Eco-lifestyle Quiz, a landscape photographer and an environmental scientist with an interest in sustainable development and management of natural resources, particularly land and soil. He has developed a series of school level educational initiatives, for instance


Eco-Quiz Copyright
The Eco-Lifestyle Quiz is copyright © Dr Sally Caird and Dr Stephen Hallett, 2005