Soil Quiz


1) What is a a soil horizon?
a) A factor influencing how soil is formed
b) A layer of soil
c) An organism found within the soil
d) A technique used to map soils

2) Which three layers form the soil profile?
a) Air. water and soil
b) Minerals, organic matter and living organisms
c) Clay, silt and sand
d) The topsoil, subsoil and parent material

3) How does a 'sandy' soil feel like to touch?
a) Sticky
b) Gritty
c) Smooth

4) Why is organic matter (humus) an important part of soil?
a) It helps to improve water infiltration
b) It can break down organic pollutants
c) It converts nitrogen in the air into nitrates used by plants
d) It is rich in nutrients, which is important for fertility

5) Which of the following is NOT a common reason why soil maps are used?
a) To determine the land drainage capabilities of an area
b) To determine the suitability of soils for particular crops
c) To identify soils and their properties
d) To record how soils are used by people

6) Approximately how many micro-organisms can be found in a teaspoonful of soil?
a) 4 billion
b) 50 million
c) 500,000
d) 1000

7) Which of the following creatures will you NOT find in the soil?
a) Earthworm
b) Springtail
c) Mite
d) Lemur

8) Which of the following is NOT a threat commonly faced by soils?
a) Soil erosion
b) Percolation
c) Deforestation
d) Climate change

9) What is soil erosion?
a) It is the process by which soil is formed
b) A harmful process that involves the removal and transport of soil by wind and water
c) A natural method of filtering harmful pollutants
d) A process often referred to as the 'greenhouse' effect

10) What effect can soil have on health if eaten or inhaled?
a) Nothing - it is perfectly safe
b) It can be good for your health
c) It can have serious health implications such as cancer

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