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4 Hello! Do look around this site, but this is no longer the main home page. Great webworks have been underway as the site is now completely rebuilt. Click on the green marker to left to find out more, or just go straight to the new site. is designed to support the UK National Curriculum, teaching about the functions of soil within the subjects of Geography and Science and other subjects from Key Stages 1 to 4 (5 to 16). This site has been developed as a part of a two year project, funded by the UK Government Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (Defra), involving a team of developers, led by Cranfield University's National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI), and including the Norwich School of Art and Design (NSAD), Dialogue Designs Ltd., the Open University (OU) and SetNet. The project is also receiving support from the Qualifications Curriculum Authority (QCA), Hampshire County Council and teachers from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire and Norfolk. The new website was launched in Autumn 2006. This legacy site has been left for historical interest, and to serve external links already in place.

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