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Amphorae Boscoreale Museum

ANATOLIA archaeological site Asikli Hoyuk view towards Hasan Dag

ANATOLIA archaeological site hillsides black with obsidian chippings

Ancient wine storage vats


CAPPADOCIA approaching Goreme from Nevsehir to North

CAPPADOCIA Goreme rock dwellings

CAPPADOCIA landscape near Goreme 01

CAPPADOCIA landscape near Goreme 02

CAPPADOCIA landscape road to Kayseri

CAPPADOCIA landscape

CAPPADOCIA low evening light

CAPPADOCIA near Goreme

CAPPADOCIA Pigeon Valley ay Uchisar

CAPPADOCIA scenery between Nevsehir and Goreme snowcapped volcano behind

CAPPADOCIA Tufa landscape with harder top layer

CAPPADOCIA Uchisar rock formations

CAPPADOCIA Uchisar view

CAPPADOCIA valley near Goreme

CAPPADOCIA village in tufa landscape

Carbonised wine press

Colchester museum badger print on Roman tile

Danevirke soil profile 01

Danevirke soil profile 02

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