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Deciduous woodland

Ancient tree with ivy

Ancient Woodland

Base of beech tree

Beech clump on summit of chalk hill 01

Beech clump on summit of chalk hill 02

Beech leaves in Autumn

Beech roots on surface and erosion

Beech seedling

Beech trees in Autumn

Beech trees in winter

Birch Woodland 01

Birch Woodland 02

Blackthorn blossom 01

Blackthorn blossom 02

Bracken and beech shoots under beech trees

Bracken-filled glade

Chestnut wood leaf litter 01

Chestnut wood leaf litter 02

Coppiced tree which has been left uncoppiced

Coppiced woodland 01

Coppiced woodland 02

Coppiced woodland 03



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