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ANATOLIA Erciyes volcano near Kayseri

Azores hot springs 01

Azores hot springs 02

Azores hot springs 03

Azores volcanic crater lake

BAY OF NAPLES northern end

BAY OF NAPLES Phlegraean Fields volcanic area from the air

BAY OF NAPLES volcanic area from the air

Canada warm water marshes below hot springs Banff

Crater lake Iceland

Iceland duststorms in dry volcanic ash plain

Iceland Krafla edge of 1984 lava flow plants reestablishing

Iceland Krafla edge of 1984 lava flow still warm 1995

Iceland Krafla volcano rope lava

Iceland saxifrage struggling at crater edge of Askja volcano central far above treeline

Iceland Strokkur geysir errupting

Italy aerial view area of volcanic activity, caters and steam vents Baiae and Pozzuoli

Krafla fissure volcano

Nisyros 01

Nisyros 02

Nisyros 03

Nisyros 04

Nisyros 05

Nisyros 06

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